Merging Art and fashion. Rebel heart, freedom to express, art and freedom, art and curiosity, art and education, unisex, high end, organic of course. Artiig by nature


By merging art and fashion – ARTiiG wish to expand & extend the love & life of our clothes. Your ARTiiG sweatshirt is a little piece of art you can keep with you for a long time


Like an artist who makes her mark on the canvas, you can make your statement by wearing ARTiiG – showing the world that fashion can be more than a look, monitoring contemporary ideas of life & culture while caring for the environment

Contemporary Art

All prints in the ARTiiG collection are original artworks based on new contemporary ideas. Every sweatshirt is unique as the print is placed individually on all items. It also comes with a title and a card describing the artistic thought behind the printed artwork


Limited edition high quality sweatshirts inspired by contemporary art made of 100% organic cotton – of course. They come in a numbered edition just like an editioned art print.


ARTiiG derives from the word artig meaning born to behave in a good way. Respect, engage and make a difference. Together we can show interest in our world & take care of our planet. Slow fashion – time to think!


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